Qualifications and Requirements

Target Group
- Individuals ( Salaried employees or self employed)
- Institutions ( profit making or non profit oriented )


- Buying or Constructing; Offer letter / sale agreement
- Identification document ( Passport or drivers licence)
- Income documentation (3 most recent payslips or letter of salary confirmation from employer or 6 months recent bank statements for self employed).
- Copy of certificate of lease or land certificate.
- Bills of quantities and approved plans (building)
- A valuation report from a registered and bank approved valuer/ quantity surveyor ( buying or building )
- An NBS Bank active account aged 6 months and above

( In addition to the above requirements)
- Memorandum / Articles of Association
- Board resolution to borrow from the bank.
- Audited accounts for preceding financial periods plus latest management accounts.

Facility amount
80% collateral value

Interest rate
- Base lending rate (owner occupied)
- Base +2.5% (for renting purposes)
- Base +2.5% ( Commercial buildings)
- Base + 2.5%( Personal Loan against mortagage )

- 180 month maximum for occupational mortgage
- 120 month maximum for rental mortgage.
- 60 month for commecial morgage and personal loans against mortgages


Interest calculated on reducing capital balance basis Monthly, Quarterly, biannually repayments

Mortgage Department (Head office) and Capital City Branch (Lilongwe)

- Property gets insured against loss due to fire and other natural causes
- Borrower’s life is insured to protect the mortgage (funds used to liquidate or reduce loan amount upon death of borrower)
- NBS Bank mortgage can also be used to build anew house.

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